Press Release No.1

SOLAR-TECTIC LLC has been granted a world-wide exclusive license by Dartmouth College (USA) for a method of growing single crystal or large grained semiconductor thin-films on glass substrates, adding to the company’s intellectual property and overall objective which is the commercialization of single crystal silicon thin-film solar cells.

The core of the technology involves the deposition of semiconductors films such as silicon on inexpensive substrates such as glass. Specifically, the films are deposited from a eutectic alloy solution, and then scanned by a laser. A patent application for this technology has been filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and has been published (US 2012/0252192 A1).

Solar-Tectic LLC is currently offering an evaluation license for this technology.

For more information please contact H. Thomas Davis, Jr. at Carter, Ledyard & Milburn,