1c-Perovskite/Crystalline Silicon Thin-Film Tandem

Solar-Tectic LLC is pleased to present “1c-Perovskite/Crystalline Silicon Thin-Film Tandem” a high efficiency solar cell with a non-toxic (Sn, Au, Ge) component replacing lead.

A perovskite/crystalline silicon thin-film tandem solar cell can potentially reach efficiencies up to 45% !   25% – 30% is a realistic goal for now.

Solar-Tectic LLC is one of only two companies in the US that are actively developing perovskite solar cells, and probably the only US company that holds exclusive IP (4 patents).

Update (November 17, 2018): Is the perovskite CsAuI stable? A Korean research group thinks so… Korean Researchers Propose- New Material for Stable Lead-free Perovskite

Update (September 4th, 2018): Solar-Tectic is pleased to announce that another breakthrough perovskite patent has now been issued. Please see the related news post for more information.

Update (May 29th, 2018): Solar-Tectic is very pleased to announce that yet a fourth patent for perovskite solar cells was allowed today by the US Patent Office.  US patent application 15/157,539 titled “Methods of growing heteroepitaxial single crystal or large grained semiconductor films and devices thereon” covers every type of perovskite as a top layer in a high efficiency heterojunction solar cell device.  This achievement greatly enhances Solar-Tectic’s patent portfolio.  Solar-Tectic is one of only two companies in the USA working on perovskite solar cells,  and perhaps the only one with issued patents for perovskites.

Update (April 17th, 2018): Another patent application for perovskite solar cells was allowed by the US Patent Office today. Please see details under News.

Update (February 5th, 2018): The perovskite CsSnI3 (cesium tin iodide), which is non-toxic, has successfully been grown on our MgO (111) highly textured transparent buffer layer, on soda-lime glass. Now we will move to the tandem fabrication, stability testing, and then solar cell….

Update (March 27th, 2017): Tin perovskite thin film tandem solar cell patent granted by the US Patent Office to Solar-Tectic LLC.  More info available through PRNewswire.

Update (November 3rd, 2016): A patent for Tin Perovskite/Silicon Thin-Film Tandem Solar Cells has been published today, the patent can be downloaded through this link.

Update (September 9th, 2016): A PDF Version of the Patent Application for Methods of Growing Heteroepitaxial Single Crystal or Large Grained Semiconductor Films and Devices Thereon is now available.

Update (July 31st, 2016): Solar-Tectic LLC is pleased to announce that the paper “High efficiency perovskite/crystalline silicon thin-film tandem solar cell from a highly textured MgO[111] buffered glass substrate: a proposal” has been published in the peer reviewed “Journal of Energy Challenges and Mechanics”.  This is the first paper ever published on the topic of a perovskite/crystalline silicon thin film tandem solar cell and reveals an entirely new technology to achieve this design in a simple and cost effective way, thus replacing the perovskite/silicon wafer tandem cell design. Perovskite Paper PDF Download