1c-Perovskite/Crystalline Silicon Thin-Film Tandem

Solar-Tectic LLC is pleased to present “1c-Perovskite/Crystalline Silicon Thin-Film Tandem” a high efficiency solar cell with a non-toxic tin component replacing lead.

A perovskite/crystalline silicon thin-film tandem solar cell can potentially reach efficiencies up to 45% !   25% – 30% is a realistic goal for now.

Update (April 17th, 2018): Update April 17, 2018: Another patent application for perovskite solar cells was allowed by the US Patent Office today. Please see details under News.

Update (February 5th, 2018): The perovskite CsSnI3 (cesium tin iodide), which is non-toxic, has successfully been grown on our MgO (111) highly textured transparent buffer layer, on soda-lime glass. Now we will move to the tandem fabrication, stability testing, and then solar cell….

Update (March 27th, 2017): Tin perovskite thin film tandem solar cell patent granted by the US Patent Office to Solar-Tectic LLC.  More info available through PRNewswire.

Update (November 3rd, 2016): A patent for Tin Perovskite/Silicon Thin-Film Tandem Solar Cells has been published today, the patent can be downloaded through this link.

Update (September 9th, 2016): A PDF Version of the Patent Application for Methods of Growing Heteroepitaxial Single Crystal or Large Grained Semiconductor Films and Devices Thereon is now available.

Update (July 31st, 2016): Solar-Tectic LLC is pleased to announce that the paper “High efficiency perovskite/crystalline silicon thin-film tandem solar cell from a highly textured MgO[111] buffered glass substrate: a proposal” has been published in the peer reviewed “Journal of Energy Challenges and Mechanics”.  This is the first paper ever published on the topic of a perovskite/crystalline silicon thin film tandem solar cell and reveals an entirely new technology to achieve this design in a simple and cost effective way, thus replacing the perovskite/silicon wafer tandem cell design. Perovskite Paper PDF Download