News No. 51

Solar-Tectic LLC is pleased to announce that it has received an issue notification today for its patent for highly textured MgO (111) thin-films on soda-lime glass. “Highly textured” means the MgO film has a very strongly preferred (111) orientation, c-axis aligned, and out-of-plane.  This material has tremendous potential as an insulator in TFTs since the (111) orientation matches the preferred orientation of silicon, which is also (111). Currently LTPS (low temperature polysilicon) is the dominant technology in the display industry used for TFTs (thin film transistors) on the backplanes of displays to drive pixels.  The MgO (111) highly transparent material can now be used either to improve LTPS (as well as a-Si) or as a part of ST’s new, recently announced LT1CS display technology (see homepage and press release), which can be used for potentially much higher electron mobility.  See U.S. Patent No. 9,856,578 for details along with the paper “Highly textured MgO (111) films on soda-lime glass by e-beam”.  The patent is also pending internationally.